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Hey guys. I have a question to ask, and this is a biggy. I just got notice today from my chapter secretary saying that IEO says we owe them $350 for the 14 new members we initiated into the Delta Tau Chapter last February. It was my understanding as a pledge and as the two-time vice president of the Delta Tau chapter that when you paid the international dues at initiation, they covered you for a full year until the next November (i.e. initated March 02, paid internation dues again in November 03). Has this happened to any of you? I asked our DD back in September when I got the dues forms if I should be worried that it showed that even new members had to pay dues, but she said it was probably just an accounting error made when the IEO moved to their new offices. I can't ask these 14 new members to pay international dues again, and they shouldn't have to. Please, I could use any advice I can get. I've discussed this issue with the previous chapter president and I've notified my DD. My chapter isn't in the position to cover the dues, and I don't think we should have to do that. Help!

-Emily T.
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