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A Call to Arms...

I just sent this email out to my fellow Mu Phites, and then thought perhaps I ought to post it in my livejournal and then crosspost liberally to whatever communities I'm in ... Here it is...

"I apologize if this is not the best way to reach all of you, but I
have no contact information, no email list, no officer list, and no
phone tree type here goes.

I'm reading about New Orleans and other affected areas...I'm reading
about those college students who were trapped in their gym after their
dorms were evacuated. How state schools in (I believe it was)
Tennessee are being opened up to these students tuition free for this
academic year, etc...etc... about fundraising ideas, helpful plans,
hearing how my parents are hosting a family in their RV starting this

My thoughts to you all are multiple. Can we designate this year's
service projects as having something to do with the Hurricane? Can we
tie this in with Rush events and Pledge season? Can we start planning
our own tribute Mardi Gras themed fundraiser? Begin with selling
Mardi Gras beads a la those yellow rubber Livestrong bracelets, and
culminate in a celebration/concert/etc... Can we join forces with
other greek organizations on this one? Can we talk to administration
in our school to see if we can sponsor a student or two to continue
their education? Can we have a bookdrive for students, libraries,
music libraries, etc....

I am heartsick at what I cannot do. I am a ridiculously poor single
mother graduate student. I have nothing to offer financially. At
all. Sad, I know. I could not possibly support another person, let
alone a family. I do not have the physical resources to endure
helping bail out (literally) the region.

BUT I can draw on my own non-financial resources such as the
organizations I am a part of, the terrific ideas I see out there, what
little time I have, etc.

Help me. I can't do it on my own. Neither can the refugees...Great
Gods above...we have refugees in the United States...

Okay. Anyway. Thoughts on this?

In hope for a glimmer of a brighter tomorrow for someone,

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